WPT GTO Trainer Hand Of The Week: Defending Your Big Blind vs a Tough Button

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WPT® GTO Trainer™ Hand Of The Week:
Defending Your Big Blind vs a Tough Button

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The Scenario

Today we're focusing on a common spot where you are defending your Big Blind against a tough opponent on the Button in a cash game.

Due to the wide, capped range with which you defend from the Big Blind, your opponent will typically have a range advantage on the flop and therefore you should usually check to the raiser.

However, because your opponent's hand range is so wide, you should often continue against c-bets with hands as weak as Ace high with a backdoor draw. Your ace high hands are often good against a wide button hand range.

Another important concept is knowing when to attack capped hand ranges. When your opponent checks behind on coordinated boards and is less likely to have big made hands, you can both value bet and bluff with bigger sizings and at a higher frequency. This is a key betting strategy to get additional value on one pair hands that many players miss.

Finally, be aware that large overbets from tough players are often polarized and some of your strong hands will often simply be calls in these scenarios.

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