WPT GTO Trainer Hand Of The Week: 3-Betting From The Big Blind

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WPT® GTO Trainer™ Hand Of The Week: 3-Betting from the Big Blind

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The Scenario

This week we're highlighting a fairly tricky spot where you 3-bet to 12 BBs in a cash game versus an open raise of 3 BBs from a tough player in the Cutoff seat. When they flat call your 3-bet, you go to a flop out of position against this tough opponent with a Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR) of just over 3.

In this scenario, there will be a fair amount of mixing between c-bets and checks, with many c-bets sized down to 1/4 pot. In general, you'll often want to consider checking when you have the board locked. A great example of this is when you flop top set and block your opponent from having top pair.

You'll also want to consider checking with hands worse than top pair that are not as vulnerable to turn cards. These hands typically want to avoid building a large pot out of position.

With strong hands that do not block top pair, you'll often want to take aggressive actions at every opportunity.

Playing 3-bet pots out of position against a GTO player is one of the trickier scenarios in No-Limit Hold'em, so don't get discouraged if your plays show significant EV Loss at first.

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