Getting Started on ClubWPT - Take a Tour of the Latest Features
Take a Tour - Getting Started

New Accounts

Don't have an account? No problem! Creating an account is fast, free, and easy. Just click the button below.

Fill in your e-mail and select a username and password. We'll then send you a confirmation e-mail with a link to validate your account so you can start playing on ClubWPT right away.

See what's included with your basic membership.

Multiple Accounts

ClubWPT only allows one account per person. If you find that you've created a second account in error, please contact Customer Support with the login details for both accounts.

Connect with Facebook

Log in using your Facebook Username and Password.

Or link your ClubWPT and Facebook accounts in the 'My Accounts'.

Your Facebook profile picture will be used as the avatar at the table.

Game Types

We offer 3 types of games: Ring Games, Scheduled Tournaments, and Sit 'n Go Tournaments.

Our games are based on two virtual currencies: Play Chips (PCs) and Tournament Points (TPs). Both PCs and TPs have no cash value and are non-transferable.

• PCs can be used in Ring Games, Scheduled Tournaments, and Sit 'n Go Tournaments.
• TPs can only be used in Scheduled Tournaments and Sit 'n Go Tournaments.

Want to win real cashes and prizes? Look for our daily $10 freeroll open to all players. Upgrade to VIP and you'll be eligible to win your share of $100,000 in cash and prizes every month. See Prize Eligibility for more details.

Ring games are non-tournament poker games where you can buy in and cash out whenever you wish. If you lose all your chips you can always buy more without having to leave the table.

Scheduled tournaments are announced in advance and have predetermined start and end times. Once you sit down at a tournament table you have to play until you either win all the chips (and win the tournament), or lose them.

Sit 'n Go tournaments are like regular tournaments except that they start once a predetermined number of players have registered. They do not have fixed start times.

Play Chips
Play Chips (PCs) are used to buy into ring games and PC-based tournaments.

Create a Basic membership and we'll give you 5,000 PCs to start. Upgrade to VIP and we'll give you an additional 200,000 every month on the anniversary of your billing date.

If you end the day with less than 5,000 PCs (regardless if you're Basic or VIP), we'll top you back up to 5,000 PCs the very next day.

Need more PCs? If you're logged in as a Free Basic, or VIP Member, you can purchase PCs from the "My Account" tab in the main menu.

Tournament Points
Tournament Points (TPs) are used to buy into TP-based tournaments. TPs cannot be wagered at ring games, reloaded, or requested. TPs can only be used by VIP members.

Upgrade to VIP and we'll give you 500 TPs to start.

If you end the day with less than 500 TPs, we'll top you back up to 500 TPs the following day.

Virtual Goods

Dominating the tables? Don't know what to do with your chips? With the launch of our new web-based poker app, you can now buy virtual goods for yourself and others. We offer two types of virtual goods: Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Virtual Goods

Permanent Virtual Goods are gifts which do not expire. These include card protectors, lucky charms, and fashion accessories. You can purchase these gifts in the Gift Shop located in the Lobby.

Temporary Virtual Goods

Temporary Virtual Goods (Table Goodies) are gifts that expire after you leave the table. These include food, drinks, and fun items to make friends (or enemies). You can purchase these gifts by clicking on the shopping cart (or the Virtual goods next to your avatar.)



Hard work should be recognized. That's why we're giving you badges for your achievements. Use it to compete against your friends. Use it to intimidate your opponents. Use it to gauge your opponents. Poker is all about table image. Decorate your image with all of our badges.


Trophies are more exclusive than badges. Trophies are only awarded in specially designated tournaments.


You can configure the ClubWPT application to your preference by clicking on the 'Settings' button in the Lobby. Once the Settings pop-up window has launched you will be able to set your desired preferences for:

  • Play Sounds
  • 4-color Deck
  • Confirm Muck
  • Auto-post Blinds
  • Hiding Trophies and Badges from other players

The change you make here will persist across logins so you can set them once and they will be the same next time you return to play.