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WPT Alpha8 Season II


A8 St. Kitts - Ep 1 of 5

The Carribean is once again host to the #1 premier high-stakes poker tournament in the world.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 2 of 5

The heat is on as the players are battling for position in this tropical paradise.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 3 of 5

The going gets tough as players fall by the wayside and bust one after the other.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 4 of 5

Kathy Lehne, the lone woman at this brutal, pro-stacked tournament is holding her own.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 5 of 5

It's a brutal final table where the amateurs is doing exceptionally well against the pros.

A8 Las Vegas - Ep 1 of 6

The high-stakes action is back at the poker mecca of the world: Las Vegas baby!!!

A8 Las Vegas - Ep 2 of 6

All eyes are turned towards Las Vegas as the best of the best keep battling for position.

A8 Las Vegas - Ep 3 of 6

We're halfway there yet anything can happen; Who will stand the best chance to be victorious?

A8 Las Vegas - Ep 4 of 6

Lynn Gilmartin gives us a rundown of the play on the strip in this high-stakes tournament.

A8 Las Vegas - Ep 5 of 6

Las Vegas is heating up and the action at the table is hotter than ever.

A8 Las Vegas - Ep 6 of 6

Ali Nejad and Olivier Busquet offers up some amazing play-by-play as the pros battle to stay alive.

A8 Florida - Ep 1 of 5

Florida is once again host to the World Poker Tour and its premier high-stakes tournament Alpha8.

A8 Florida - Ep 2 of 5

A flurry of action engulfs the tables of this edition of the WPT Alpha8 Florida.

A8 Florida - Ep 3 of 5

We're halfway through and the field is getting thinner; Who will reach the final table?

A8 Florida - Ep 4 of 5

It's getting real; The tension heats up at the Hard Rock as players battle it out.

A8 Florida - Ep 5 of 5

Season II of the WPT Alpha8 is coming to a conclusion; Who will be the victor?