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WPT Alpha8 Season I


A8 Florida - Ep 1 of 4

Welcome to poker's most exclusive room. A seat at this table will cost you at least $100,000, but, it could earn you $millions!

A8 Florida - Ep 2 of 4

The world of high-stakes poker invites you to a front-row showing of an amazing cast of players competing for millions of dollars.

A8 Florida - Ep 3 of 4

It takes a lot more than luck to make it to poker's most elite final table. The battle for million dollar first prize continues.

A8 Florida - Ep 4 of 4

The world's richest and bravest players are competing in poker's most elite final table, and tonight, the champion is crowned.

A8 London - Ep 1 of 4

Poker's most prestigious table has landed in one of the world's most expensive cities. A seat here will cost you at least £100,000.

A8 London - Ep 2 of 4

The world of high-stakes poker has taken root in the heart of London and you have VIP access to all the action. This is the WPT Alpha8.

A8 London - Ep 3 of 4

Prestige, power, and a lot of cash; These are just some of the attributes needed to play at the world's most exclusive final table.

A8 London - Ep 4 of 4

The world's richest and most daring players have braved the competition, and tonight, we will crown a winner.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 1 of 5

Fun in the sun as poker's most elite high-stakes poker show docks beach-side in St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 2 of 5

The tranquil evening air of the tropics has set the stage for red-hot high-stakes poker with millions of dollars at stake.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 3 of 5

The warm waters of the Caribbean are playing host to the hottest high-rollers in the world. The battle rages on.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 4 of 5

It's now sink or swim time for the final table players at the most exclusive table in the world as the game rages on.

A8 St. Kitts - Ep 5 of 5

The waters of the Caribbean are heating up as poker's most elite final table sets sail to finally crown a winner.

A8 Johannesburg - Ep 1 of 3

Africa plays host to the last installment of WPT Alpha8 Season I as the star-studded field of players take their seats.

A8 Johannesburg - Ep 2 of 3

Discovering diamonds in Africa means big money but at the WPT Alpha8 power house, hearts, clubs and spades are all just as valuable.

A8 Johannesburg - Ep 3 of 3

It's survival of the fittest in South Africa as poker's most celebrated players fight it out on the felt to crown a winner.